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Originally posted on July 6, 2015

A friend asked me this: I think she was trying to “feel an authentic connection.” Ah, not easy to respond. Here are some free associations from the moving “pool table” of my mind:

I am an illusion, a structure of a life, a sprinkle of narcissism that really functions to coordinate my many parts of self. They, too, are illusions, condensations of archetypes. All this, the I, the coordination (by no means perfect), the parts (each growing), unfold in service to the Everything Becoming. I have transformed over the decade gradually to a kind of trans-personal and trans-rational faith. I make up myths for this only to illustrate sentiments. I sorta kinda mean the myths, but then not literally.

One role tries to be the doctor to a “patient” who probably doesn’t want to be treated, namely, the field of Morenian studies, which includes role theory, sociometry (or what I call social depth psychology), psychodrama, sociodrama, imagination development, creativity development, using action explorations for spiritual exploration and individuation, and many other things.

In other roles: I sing with the Sun City Chorus; I ballroom dance with Allee, and also square dance, round dance, and folk dance. We walk around the neighbor-hood. I go out for lunch with various friends every few weeks. I teach at the local medical school and also for our lifelong learning program. I blog a lot, and cartoon. Between all this I increasingly relax. I don’t watch television, so that gives I share my wildness with those who want to know about it: Most do not.

I am a bit anxious at the continued eclipse of psychodrama in textbooks and the mainstream, at least in the USA. I am interested in re-branding what we do, taking it beyond psychotherapy! I want to bridge over or make firmer alliances with creativity studies, applied improvisation network, drama therapy, drama in education, simulations in health care and other fields, etc. I’m working on revising Foundations of Psychodrama to suggest this shift of focus. Pant pant. That’s a bit of where I more time for the other stuff.

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