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Lolling About

Originally posted on July 6, 2015

What a great activity: Lolling about, sort of going La la la la, like a silly. This is a perfectly plausible form of leisure, but there’s an art to it, maybe. I mean, what’s good lolling and what’s better, or even great lolling? These are frontiers to be investigated, but I fear they might not deliver findings that will gather a consensus. Amateur “lollers” think that professionals aren’t really lolling but rather attempting to fix lolling, organize lolling, create rules and standards for lolling, which purists and devoted amateurs would think absolutely goes against the essential spirit of lolling.

One needs to shift gears into a mental semi-blank attitude of ultra-insouciance. To loll professionally is an oxymoron. It’s like getting all up-tight about hanging loose. Also, lolling is related to being a little silly, just a tiny bit, or perhaps undefended if one were to approach and (without bowing first) asking or (worse?!) demanding to know what one was doing. Oh, nothin’, is the correct response, but it takes a certain je ne sai quoi (dje-nay-say-kwah for those who don’t know how to pronounce French).

One man’s lolling is another man’s… oh, I don’t know, you fill in the blank, I’m too lazy. Allee says “…is another man’s ahhh…sloth.” Okay, I don’t care. So we all loll in a yellow submarine, and off we go. (Allee: “No, we don’t go anywhere.”) Okay.

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