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All About Fun

Originally posted on June 17, 2015

A friend mentioned fun as a primary philosophical category and I agreed: I’ve talked to my guardian angel who translates for the committee of about 30 angels—I’m sure I don’t know for sure—who manage my life and on the side and serve as inspiration sources about fun—and they reported that, though some nuances may be lost in the communications between God and 77 levels of assistants, thus sayeth the Lord (allowing for gaps in translation):
    Both creating and being the physical, mental, and what humans call spiritual universe, becoming more differentiated and experiencing what there is to experience (i.e, seeing what there is to see from every seeing organ, hearing what there is to hear, music, bird calls, from every hearing organ, and many many other subtle perceptions) these occur as the Everything Becomes and explores every pathway along the way. So in a cosmic way, to put it succinctly, why? Because it’s fun! Or to loosely quote God, "Wow, I never did this before!"
    In this mythology, God is not different from us, but we are little bits of God, sort of like cells are little bits of us. God can do this, and also be everything else! Blessings

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