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The Counter-Productive “War on Drugs”

Originally posted on June 16, 2015

Following up on the “War on Drugs” blog entry #1380 (and on my website), there has been another pulse: This last week for our summer lectures of miscellaneous presentations at Senior University Georgetown (which I helped found 17 years or so ago), one of the speakers, Russell Jones, gave a talk on parallels between the Vietnam War and the “War on Drugs”—and also noted his book, “Honorable Intentions”—the epilogue of which only updates the futile, expensive, crime-provoking (not just petty but big crime syndicate business!), enterprise this game of cops-and-robbers generates, with profound unwanted side effects.  (This epilogue has been published here.)  All this extends and confirms lectures and web postings I made. a lecture I gave about 11 years ago and put on my website.

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