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Not Limited to a ‘Rational’ Philosophy

Originally posted on June 14, 2015

And now a venture into contemplation—for I am, of course, a “contemplateur.” I have realized that rational philosophy cannot achieve what it seeks. There is too much in living that transcends rationality, that partakes of play, non-rationality, sensuality, poetry, imagery, paradox, feelings that resist articulation. I call this “nibbling at the ineffable,” the word ineffable meaning that one cannot speak about it precisely.

Reading a book about distilled spirits titled “Booze,” we have reached the chapter that highlights the inability of language to capture taste. More, I’m impressed with the failed efforts to quantify or get consensus on taste. I wonder if this is so regarding interpersonal preferences, too. I suspect so, that many of the qualities I find most delightful in Allee might not appeal in the same way to another—although that’s hard to appreciate. It seems so obvious to me, but then again I’m aware that rapport is very subjective!

What may be mistaken is the illusion that everything can be subjected to objective analysis. It was sort of an ideal in the 20th century, but perhaps it over-reaches itself, it denies the true nature of mind, the inevitable differences in temperament, ability, interest, and other qualities. Well, that’s enough for now.

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