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My Core Myth

Originally posted on June 13, 2015

Far from me considering that I can say what my own purpose on Earth is. I am deeply apophatic, meaning that I believe rather strongly that I cannot begin to think about what it’s all about, nor what I’m all about. Our accelerating discoveries about the universe prove to me that whatever our philosophies were a half century ago, they must be re-thought in light of what we have learned about the cosmos since then—the very vast and very tiny and all sorts of energies as well as matter and other features since then. I’m rather sure that our discoveries may well continue for the foreseeable future, and then what are we to make of it all?

So I surrender and abdicate and retreat to a cheerful affirmation of my own myth—which I expect no one else to follow, though they may extract elements they find useful. I got to help. It’s a vast unfolding and I’ve made a contribution.

My contribution has been intellectual, in the forms of ideas, my books, my teachings, etc,, and also social and artistic and experiential. I’ve been a daddy, dad, pa, grandfather, brother, relative, friend, neighbor, member of the community, club member, etc. I’ve danced and sung and done a lot of stuff. My being a fierce romantic with my wife / darling Allee is a big role cosmically, however little it is noticed by others. Lots of et cetera, but not so much as to reach the heights of competitive anything. (Well, if they ever did an Olympic event for snuggling, we’d be in the running, though not enough to exert ourselves.)

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