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Originally posted on August 10, 2013

My old chapter on psychodrama and many other readings on this subject are on my website. Note that some people use terms such as “clinical role playing” and “action methods.”

Psychodrama has of late become associated by news reporters with any complex problem suffused with psychological implications. That is hardly its original meaning, which was a method for consciousness-raising. Another common error is to overly associate the method with but one of its many applications: psychotherapy. Admittedly, this has been the most common use, but please note that psychodramatic methods and associated techniques is also useful in education, politics, spiritual development, organizational development, role training in business, creativity development, recreation, family life, personal development, and other non-clinical realms.

Basically it recognizes that improvised enactment and collaborative creativity with a goal of insight and support is a mode of experiential (learning by doing) activities that promote creativity. These themes are more prevalent and relevant in today’s changing world.

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