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The Kabbalistic Tree of Life Diagram as Art

Originally posted on July 31, 2013

Below I’ve posted a number of drawings I’ve done over the past 30 years of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the “Etz Khayyim.” I’ve found this diagram to be useful in evoking contemplations of what’s beyond this apparent reality, and what’s beyond that beyond. The “Tree” hints at these essences that give rise to less essential essences, but yet these are more essential than what we have. The idea that there should be just two levels, what’s here and what’s beyond, is so oversimplified to those who contemplate such matters. Interestingly, there’s some complementarity with the Yogic system of the chakras or centers of consciousness along the spine, and with other notions of the hierarchy of realms. Enjoy.

I have been charmed by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram, a “map” of the stages of emanation from the Divine to the Mundane (going out or down), or (going up) the various levels of meditation and contemplation that hint at successively higher levels of mystical enlightenment. I write of the significance of this latter process in another website. It is the form, though, that offers an opportunity for elaboration in many ways, a form that represents the vertical axis that hints at the “Great Chain of Being,” and the horizontal axis that hints at the range or extent of the variety of elements to be integrated.

So I’ve drawn a number of pictures of these designs!


Others of course have created elegant pictures of the Tree of Life.

The Kairotropister is a device that, were it
to have 3-dimensional form, looks something like this.

A diagrammatic expression of how these parts work.

These are from the odd book titled The Anatomy of the Body of God

by Frater Achad. Interesting permutations of geometry.

Vibrational Resonances

Textured Tree

Circle Geometry

(I’ve also put this in the category of mind-spectrums because, as the contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber has written, what if there is also a spectrum of consciousness?)


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