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Adam Many-Parts 2

Originally posted on July 23, 2013

I wrote about the joys of a diversified life over a year ago on this blog. It’s relevant to psychology because lots of folks play lots of roles, and this is thus relevant also to role theory.

A cartoon ( Baby Blues 11/26/2000 by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott)
noted all the roles of a home-maker: chef, sanitary engineer, chauffeur, referee, educator, wrangler, personal shopper, cop, accountant, investment analyst, entertainer, organizer, mediator, investigator, dietician, lifeguard, psychologist, nurse, plumber, coordinator— and when reminded that there’s only one line for the question, “occupation,” replied, “In that case, just put ‘mom.’”

Inspired by that I considered my own role repertoire: Teacher, mentor, lover (faithful husband), celebrant, boulevardier, teammate, partner, buddy, pal, supervisor, father, brother, uncle, son-in-law, makhtun, dilettante, cousin, bon vivant, man of leisure, occasional recluse, social critic, futurologist, myth-maker, metaphysical philosopher, poet, confabulator, bullsh*t artist, cat-lover, psychiatrist, psychodramatist, child psychiatrist, Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, conference plenary presenter, psychotherapist, diagnostician, student, singer of many kinds of songs, dancer of many kinds of dances, cartoonist, minor and obscure prophet, dishwasher, nature-walker, internationally recognized author, reincarnated elf-sprite, blogger, website creator, photographer, lazy bum (a little), etc.  Lots of et-cetera.

Elsewhere on my website I have a cartoon of this. It’s fun living a highly diversified life. I’m so happy to have a wife who loves all these parts.

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