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Losing It a Little

Originally posted on November 19, 2017

I’m still pretty sharp and productive, but my kids notice that sometimes I repeat myself. But I have been consciously making choices about not paying as much attention to conversations. When I start to lose interest I allow myself to drift into my own thoughts. (I learned this morning that Winston Churchill did the same!) A part of this is not hearing as well, but mainly I am choosing not to be as alert to what’s going on around me. It is delightful to rest into a place where I am not pushing myself to be on top of everything.

I’ve considered cognitive testing but I know the field: Minor defects could be cause for really expensive medicines, and I don’t feel there are things that I want to do that I can’t. I love my writing and thinking and talking with Allee about many topics that interest me. This is a great time in my life: I’m getting old and so is she and we are enjoying slowing down, narrowing our focus to what nourishes us and simplifying our lives to the pleasures of day-to-day retirement. All in all I’ve never felt so relaxed and safe to be me with my shift toward more artsy-ness and comfortable with my Asperger’s qualities.

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