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Mature Love

Originally posted on November 22, 2017

I’m having a love affair with my own wife! Yay! It’s a mature kind of love, not young love— that’s why I bother writing about it. Nothing need be in secrecy. Mature adults can be deeply, sweetly in love.. I get a kick out of her. I get a kick out of thinking of nice things to say to Allee and she says the nicest things to me. We aren’t distracted by the infinite demands of kids or jobs. Just like lovers on an extended honeymoon, and there’s no end in sight. Well, yes, we are going to die, but who knows when or how? For now we enjoy getting up and getting things for the other, or meeting in the hall and kissing, and taking our time about it. We’re aware that we shouldn’t take this for granted! It’s very precious.

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