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September, 2017

Explaining “Dimensionality”

I call my theory of reality, my metaphysics,  “dimensionality.” The word suggests that some things are better understood as operating at different dimensions. Thus, some truths are best understood as applying to certain dimensions, and there is “more-yet” that is so at a higher dimension. For example, consider solid geometry. In dealing with a sphere, […]

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Social Inclusiveness

It occurred to me that another function of psychodrama is social validation.. We are social beings who are unconsciously asking, “Do you see me? I exist. Does anyone care? Does anyone find me interesting? Am I in any way a part of the whole?” A colleague in Italy wrote that in a sense, the field […]

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I’ve worked out my own theology: The cosmos is structured somewhat like the triangular designs of the Sri Yantra, in expanding patterns of downward facing triangles met by upward facing ones. In the middle is God, sort-of, a point. The next level out is the recognition that what we call the highest is multidimensional. In […]

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“Truth” in Psychotherapy

The idea that one theory for mind is true and the others less so is based on an idea that truth is one, whereas I think it likely that what’s true for one “level” may not be true for other levels or categories. What works for    elementary arithmetic may not be true for psychology. It’s […]

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Moreno and Jung: Confabulating

An acquaintance of mine is writing about J. L. Moreno (the creator of psycho-drama) and Carl G.  Jung, the founder of analytic psychology. It might be more correct to say that she has written about their associated theoretical system and how these systems have evolved over the years. It should be noted that Jung emphasized […]

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Ideas About Psychodrama Literature

Here are some ideas: Let me know if you’re willing to help. First, everything is being digitalized and miniaturized, including our past issues of our journals. (The word for this is “disruptive technology”—a major shift, such as the shift from horse-and-buggy to horseless-carriages—also known as automobiles. Digitization offers a potential of making available a far […]

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Disruptive Technologies—Photographs?

My son David told me about "disruptive technologies”—automobiles disrupt horseback or horse-drawn travel; telegraphy disrupted handwritten letters somewhat, and in turn this was disrupted in turn by telephones, emails, cell phones. In the past knights wearing armor disrupted attacks by archers: The armor deflected arrows—at least crossbow arrows. Cannons disrupted walls, and armor. As we […]

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We Got Off Easy

It’s not just watching television! As grandparents grow older, there’s hosting family in trips out to eat, or at home.  Clothes for grandchildren.  Kids who are in financial straits or crisis.  Paying off cars. Worrying about kids’ family’s debts. Attending sports, graduations—it goes on and on, filling one’s whole life. In our case, we have […]

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My Dharma

It seems to me that we have many dharmas, worthy paths, duties. Mainly my paths calls on me to be a loving man to my family. There are many other things to do, such as maintain my health. Aside from those, though, my dharma or path seems to be primarily to witness to ideas, and […]

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Not only are my writings ambiguous, but they also become complex. This means that I’m aware that there may be seeming inconsistencies that make what I write confusing. It is confusing at a lower level that cannot understand paradox. Some people perceive this as elitist. Many people can not think this way. Since the human […]

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