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Ideas About Psychodrama Literature

Originally posted on September 8, 2017

Here are some ideas: Let me know if you’re willing to help.

First, everything is being digitalized and miniaturized, including our past issues of our journals. (The word for this is “disruptive technology”—a major shift, such as the shift from horse-and-buggy to horseless-carriages—also known as automobiles. Digitization offers a potential of making available a far larger sector of professional literature!

Second, we should more clearly acknowledge that there are two major types of application of Moreno’s work: clinical (e.g., psychodrama), and all kinds of others—business, education, religion, etc.—what I prefer to call “action explorations.”

Third, again for the full range of psychodrama-action-explorations, we need bilingual translators who will translate articles—perhaps with the help of electronic “Google” translations—from other languages into English, or from English to other languages.

Fourth, perhaps it’s time to move towards an inter national e-journal; or, better, dare we envision such an e-journal with translations built-in or available for articles. That is, French readers could get it translated into French, for instance. This would also allow for easier storage and retrieval, or access to back issues for a fee.

Then there’s translation from English to some other language—Chinese, German, etc.—or from a foreign journal into English;  or any article in the past from English to another language  or back. It’s getting to be time!

We might survey local or distant university libraries or our publisher as to which university or other libraries get the journal—and more importantly, have back issues. Perhaps they can scan the article on (for a fee) or someone will use what I have scanned on, or other people will scan on

Fifth, we could ask our publisher as to which libraries carry hard copies of our journal. It’s getting to be time we had a back-issue archive.

Sixth, could we request the  names addresses of people willing to scan-on articles related to psychodrama from other journals; or from our own past issues of our journals. I have many past articles scanned on that I need help with.

Finally, we would all benefit if the people who present (or have presented in the past) would conserve their creativity by writing up what they think or do  for the journal. We’ve got a wealth of experience, but people have hesitated to admit that they don’t write, many don’t like to write, many deny they have much to say, or don’t want to bother. Meanwhile there are some who can write and/or would like to be a co-author. Can we get these people paired up?

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