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I Found God (Sort-of)

Originally posted on July 30, 2017

At least I think it’s God. Or, more likely, a projection of Her/His/Its shadow. The Ground of Being itself can’t be directly perceived with either senses or even intuition. Anyway, as I get ready to turn eighty, I do believe there’s something that gives rise to our reality  “Higher Power” is the wrong word. It is sort-of powerful but at the same time powerless. All this operates at the 8th dimensional level, which is also as Tillich said, the “Ground of Being.” (Not that God is at anything lower than a much “higher” dimension. But of course God is sensed at many “lower” levels where minds are able to reach. Lower than that minds can’t reach in any abstract sense.)

For example, I used to be an atheist but no more, I’ve seen the light, but what for me is at a “higher” level. No matter. But this “Becoming-Everything” makes me both a panentheist and yet at lower levels, what may seem to be an atheist. Nor do I deny a more concreate name or image to folks for whom that is the deepest and most beautiful idea. Alas, I cannot believe in a god that seems to be a projection of a mind that operates at “just” the 6th level of thinking about thinking.

So at that level some would call me an atheist, but at a higher level… no, one higher.. now, get on a figurative stepladder, peer over the metaphorical transom, see! There! Under the symbolic card table: A glow! I intuitively knew! Hey, you’re God! The glow sorta kinda said, "Ya got me!"

I knew it was the symbolic finger of the uncountable hands of the uncountable arms of God, way beyond anything I could even intuit.  In other words, at the level of thinking about thinking about thinking, plus one— intuition—there’s the one mind, sorta kinda. I wasn’t even looking for this! And I realized that this cannot be explained. Everyone seeks something higher, senses something higher, and then insists on their interpretation of what they sense—if they do sense it—as the real thing. Anyway, finally I found what satisfies me. Not that it is the ultimate, the real thing. In fact, I know it would satisfy very few people. Works for me, though.

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