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Originally posted on July 26, 2017

The denouement is that part of a play where the loose threads are tied together. I’m winding up my many-faceted life, and need some time to do this, because so many “roles” are as yet unfinished. But again, many roles are indeed finished, or almost so—although I reserve the right to “re-open that file.”  Pretty much finished are folk dancing, square dancing, and most of ballroom dancing—I did those for a score or more of years. Perhaps unfinished are some teaching roles, though nothing definite has yet appeared.

It’s been a good life, a great life. As my darling wife and I read about Caliphs in the history of the middle east, I am led to realize that being top dog is a heavy burden that is hardly worth it. I used to want to conquer the world as a young teenager. Your big brother—and nobody else, for that matter—would dare to pick on you. Now I don’t need such fantasies. I am content to be low-level famous; any more famous and you find you front lawn being infested with paparazzi. I’m also content with not being fabulously rich, because really fancy-pants restaurants cost so much more and deliver not a lot better than more modest eateries.

There’s still a number of contributions I feel I can make, this blog being one; some papers; some encouragements. So I’m still alive and kicking and having a good ol’ time!

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