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July, 2016

High Dimensionality

I’ve been coming to the thought that mind itself is the primary reality, not matter, the 3rd dimension—which is what most people take to be hard reality. Most recognize that the 2nd dimension—what they can see in pictures, read in papers, is not altogether reality. Alfred North Whitehead went up one notch and noted that […]

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Shree Yantra Doodle

I just doodled this quickly and scrawled some “writing” underneath it: This illustrates the nature of unconscious inspiration: I have no conscious idea what it says, yet I only doubt slightly that it says something. Perhaps it says that one can playfully open one’s mind and wonderful things enter it. That’s how Mozart did it.

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For a while I was agnostic, which means that I affirm that I don’t know about God. This was around the ages of 13 – 22, and I was influenced in this by the writings of Robert Ingersoll in the 19th century and Thomas Paine in the late 18th. Not that I wasn’t interested in […]

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A Birthday Card

My daughter-in-love, Debbie, sent a beautiful birthday card to my wife, Allee, which, now that I think of it, symbolizes my wealth in relationships. I need this now that I’m divesting of stuff. Kids, grandkids, being proud, grateful, as I hear tales of folks who don’t have it so good, I realize that I shouln’t […]

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Money as a Political Tool

The comedienne Lily Tomlin wrote, “No matter how cynical you get, it’s almost impossible to keep up.” I just came upon another column by Jim Hightower about how big money is purchasing politicians to further the corporate agenda. Yikes. I fear that I may be sent to a concentration camp for this if a certain […]

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For a while I was into geometry. Contemplating geometry was amazing! Mind-Expanding! So G’d’s glory is there implicit in everything! I’m not talking about the literal G-d of the Bible, of Jewish, then Christian history, but the Beyond-the-Beyond, the Becoming Everything. True, the mystics in the Western religions intuited this, but then re-folded this intuition […]

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I confess today in front of all you readers, with great humility, I am a clutter-bug, and I hope to go into self-imposed rehab. I have way too much stuff. Accepting my biblio-holism is just part of it. I’ve touched bottom. I’ve (maybe) seen the light. I’m divesting, G help me. I’m mailing stuff out. […]

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Inspiration (?)

I have been inspired, but what and from/by what I do not know. The following text came through my hand: Then, as if that were not enough, a “P.S.”: From what I can gather (?), or perhaps deduce (because certainly I cannot read these ? words or hieroglyphs, the clue is the choo-choo train engine […]

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Life Enlargement

Indeed, I’ve changed my vocational direction to the title of this piece! Back when I was into psychiatry, Freudian—really, post-Freudian— psychoanalysis still was dominant, and though I differed with many of the ideas, some I agreed with. Last year I taught what has become more standard and evidence-based, and after thinking about it, though I […]

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Sorta-Kinda 4th of July

On the planet I come from—just kidding, for those who get uncomfortable in the presence of insanity—they have an equivalent holiday for Independence Day. Everyone gets together and instead of shooting fireworks, they collectively bud fleezels, mandala-like protuberance-studded cartwheels. Fun, if you like that sort of thing. Meanwhile, the “flag” (so to speak) stands at […]

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