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August, 2013

Semantics Illustrated

Saul Steinberg is a cartoon-artist whose drawings I find to be thought-provoking (and I dearly love my thoughts to be provoked). Here in a New Yorker magazine cover of September 17, 1960 he portrays words and names that evoke different associations in different people. Sail on, oh ship of American hegemony (at the time, a […]

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Hypertrophic Technolog-osis

(This is a neologism, a made-up word, describing the problems of those who interface with technology. Hypertrophic is a big word meaning over-grown.) I have a friend who, though using handheld devices for a fair length of time, may not have been all that familiar with all options. For example: What is the real meaning […]

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The Glass Bead Game (Revisited)

Herman Hesse in the early 20th century wrote a novel, “Magister Ludi” about the Glass Bead Game. In light of postmodernist ideas, what if these were elements, subatomic particles, or types of aesthetic variables, or whatever, that could be played, like a game of checkers, to collaboratively (not competitively) create a world, or an aspect […]

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The God Process

In this other universe some theologians recognize that God is not a core of complete consciousness, but rather the all, of which there is a center that acts somewhat as an organizer. To the extent that God is All, it is the periphery and the invisible connections among the parts as well as the central […]

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Re-Incarnation Extended

Not that this is true, you understand, but it seems to me less weird than most other theories of how it works. The concept of aggregate soul in each new incarnation has a number of advantages and fewer flagrant disadvantages: The center of consciousness is multiple, shifting, and a composite of some fifty or so […]

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Am I Okay? (Sure)

A certain degree of self-acceptance becomes more necessary as life progresses and I make choices that diverge from the norms of the culture as to what is desirable. Consider: They all have a point, and many other perspectives and intrinsic values might also be entertained: irrelevant, trivial, lacking seriousness, amateurish, lowbrow, intellectually too esoteric, etc. […]

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My old chapter on psychodrama and many other readings on this subject are on my website. Note that some people use terms such as “clinical role playing” and “action methods.” Psychodrama has of late become associated by news reporters with any complex problem suffused with psychological implications. That is hardly its original meaning, which was […]

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The “Higgs” BosOMMM

Now there’s a totally weird theory that the mass of the cosmos is generated by a field that was described by some fellow named Higgs. Last summer they found evidence to suggest he was right. Sort of. But the idea that mass is generated by a imperceptible field is so counter-intuitive as to seem ludicrous. […]

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Reasons to Scowl

On the airplane home I noticed some scowling folks and I was tempted to judge them for being a little grumpy; but then, I shifted to a compassionate contemplation of why they might be scowling and jotted down the notes that led to the items listed below. I confess that I’ve been rather happy about […]

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More On This Blog, and On my Website

My son has been transferring more of my website web-pages onto this blog, so you can have more fun browsing around. There are also lots of other papers and cartoons and such still on my website. There’s even another related website that is a companion to my anthology, Interactive & Improvisational Drama. Check it out. […]

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