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My Son’s Soon-To-Be-Published Book!

Originally posted on July 2, 2012


This is my son, David Blatner, whose book on “Spectrums” is being readied for publication in the next few months. I’m proud of him and the book, as its basic thesis is wonder, wonder at the sizes and time durations, degrees of force and other variables that make up the universe we live in.

What isn’t included in David’s next book is the broader category of what I call “mind dimensions”—aspects that arise from and speak more to variations in subjective tone attendant on various phenomena or just manifesting on its own.

The picture behind David’s head is a chart showing the many types of electromagnetic spectrum as well as many other kinds. I’ve begun to work on the next book with him—or without, in case he gets too busy, which he might. (He and his sons have just had a summer vacation visit and boy, am I proud.  Warmly, Adam

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