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Back 2 the Blog! Yay!

Originally posted on July 21, 2012

For a few weeks I have been out of it computer-wise and somewhat sickly, physically, too. Finally, with a new computer and coaching from a wonderful mentor at our community Computer Club, I am restoring my internet integrity. Whew! So I have some accumulated web-log entries to catch up with, and also a restored sense of life. “I once was lost but now I’m found.” That line of verse from Amazing Grace has so many permutations on so many levels for me. This may seem like a more trivial example, but there it is.

The illness was not serious, but it was mysterious, so it occurred to me that it was perhaps serious, or the early phases of “something,” and though I was overall confident, a part of me wondered, “So, is this it?” My guardian angel whom I’ve named “Uncle Bud” said, “Take it as if it’s a shot across the bow, a warning, a whisper of mortality. It never hurts to take things thus at this age.” So that led to a slight focusing, a deepening of the groove I’m settling into, a rut? Nah. I still live a fairly diversified and balanced life, but am a bit less tolerant of distractions.

So this dust moat in the blogosphere is still a witness to my take on the world, and for the foreseeable future I will continue to note my observations on whatever.

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  • Psychiatra says:

    Let’s not forget the war to be waged on tallness. Every time a politician or someone in the media uses that phraseology, my eye-rolling quotient goes up exponentially, no matter what they’re referring to.

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