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Of late I’ve noticed: muscles are contracting; the earth is rotating (duck!) ; neurons are depolarizing (firing) : stomach and intestinal contents gurgle (in medical terms,t that’s called “borborygmi”) ; air is circulating ; fluids are flowing ; there is beauty being experienced ; …and pain ; chemicals are reacting ; hearts are beating ; […]

Winding Down, Finishing Up (I)

A friend wrote me and was wondering what to continue with and what is to be regarded as a closing chapter.  It got me thinking: Wow! Have I done enough? (I’m aware that the answer is a rousing YES! But I ask myself maybe for the first time: Can I stop now? I don’t want […]

Winding Down, Wrapping Up (2)

Here I am, happy, as usual, finally, loved by my wifey-p0oh, quite content, realiz-ing that if I were the emperor of all I survey—a childish dream residue— it would be comparatively worrisome! This simple un-worried life is as good as it gets, and it’s quite fine indeed. Having more means worrying more, because there are […]

Wowsy Woozy!!

This is one of the mantras expressing the sentiment of wonder, of astonishmentality, a lovely state of mind that comes from opening the soul-pupils a little bit, opening to the amazing-mentay  (i.e., super-amazing), fabulosity (i.e., super-fabulous nature) of the Everything (i.e., an inconceivable inclusiveness). Indeed, wowsie woozy is an appropriate exclamation for just about anything […]