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Winding Down, Wrapping Up (2)

Originally posted on May 21, 2018

Here I am, happy, as usual, finally, loved by my wifey-p0oh, quite content, realiz-ing that if I were the emperor of all I survey—a childish dream residue— it would be comparatively worrisome! This simple un-worried life is as good as it gets, and it’s quite fine indeed. Having more means worrying more, because there are always palace intrigues, competition among the  ladies of the harem, discontent if not out-right rebelliousness among the citizens, restlessness of the troops at inactivity in their camp life, not to speak of troubles. Phooey.

Certainly, this is rationalization, but it’s at least more rational than the grandiose fantasy! I’m going to die anon, but interestingly that doesn’t seem as ominous as it once did. I’m wrapping up a book on applied drama, and some other books, which actually promise some reward—but I’m just beginning to notice that it’ll take work, writing, publishing, stuff.

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