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0 Great Swami

I have much respect for many of the spiritual teachers, but I’m aware there’s a lot of flim-flam going on. This cartoon lay at my feet this morning and as I’ve opened to Grace (or coincidence?) it occurred to me to post it and free associate: These two characters pointedly comment on the verbiage that […]

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How My Mind Works

I got into a mental eddy: I took off on the word, “akimbo,” and my wife looked it up on Wikipedia. The etymology of the word was expounded and I found myself fascinated with how uninterested I was in this information. Apparently there are many people, however small the percentage, who care about etymology. And […]

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I pretend a lot! Part of me is a bit like the little bird, Woodstock. Part of me is a little like the dog, Snoopy. He’s not really a dog, please not. He pretends he is, and Charlie Brown pretends he is. I love Snoopy—love, love, love. He’s so many things. He’s a vulture and […]

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Far From Decrepit

Interesting word, decrepit. I realized at 79.3 that I’m approaching it, decrepitude, but really hardly. I took a class over the last month called “A Matter of Balance” that focused on ageing and falling. And it’s true that I feel less ambitious to attend all sorts of conferences. But I’ve been folk dancing pretty steadily […]

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Hallowe’en Thoughts

When did scarey become cute? The many pressures of commercialization, mixed with the candy and snack industry, the greeting card and costume industries, the specialty Halloween shops and the many Goodwill and other charity stores, commercial Haunted Houses, scary movies, and much more all contribute to the mass celebration of what really is the “shadow” […]

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I Found God! (Finally!)

I’ve been playing with dimensionality as a tool for exploring mind, and have been making mind the basis of a philosophical scale. So that mind that thinks about mind is the 6th dimension. Working back: Mind that thinks at all is the 5th dimension. Time is the 4th (according to Albert Einstein), ordinary reality is […]

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I’m Not a Cheese

Kids learn weird songs such as “The Farmer in the Dell.” Unless the birthday boy or gets it, and nowadays he might not, it’s not funny. It’s a bit of name-calling. But the other kids are innocent and well-disposed, so there’s a disconnect here. I suspect that as time goes on many seemingly innocent bits […]

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Mathematical equations as we know them are limited to our ability to specify and quantify, which is great, as far as it goes. Pictures often have subtleties not amen-able to definition, thought. At higher dimensions this fuzziness is a disadvantage to people who believe that things can be quantified. At a certain “level” this is […]

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I know, I extended the word divesting so that it’s bigger and that there’s no such word. I am fooling around and probably will until I die, maybe even after. The fooling around role, that part of me, speaks for the clown archetype which has been lively in my personality since childhood. I loved comedians […]

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Geometry of Logarithmic Spirals

One of my low-priority hobbies is a bit of geometry, as it helps me contemplate the intricacies of God’s creation. The phenomenon of “geometric spirals” grabbed my attention recently. Both rectangles and  triangles can be constructed so that their vertices describe a shrinking (or expanding) spiral. Here’s the big picture: Now, below is the spiral […]

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