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A Decision to Become a Doctor

When I was seven years old, Dr. Dixon operated on me at the Mayo Clinic, leaving me with a colostomy for a year. I went back a year later and he closed it. He wrote articles such as this shortly afterwards: Surgical Clinics of North America; Volume 28, Issue 4, August 1948, Pages 889-902: In […]

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My Books of the “Bible”

The world is so full of a number of things, I should think we might all be as happy as kings! Robert Louis Stephenson said something like that is his children’s poetry book, which suggests several things: (1) The author of many esteemed books can be simple as a child! (2) The world is indeed […]

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Mandala Movie

Some of Adam’s mandalas, set in motion:

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The Un-Acknowledged

I am reminded  that for much of the world, what is history for us goes unspoken! Indeed, there are peoples who live with massive repression! Let’s not talk about that! Let’s not even THINK about that! Indeed, that is a way of life for perhaps most of the people in the world! I’m fortunate indeed […]

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Maturity Becoming Obsolete

The very idea of “maturity” as having “grown up enough” is passing. We live in an era of exponential development where, by the time someone has grows up, the world has changed. The maturity involved in being fully “mature” keeps receding, like the horizon. “Maturity” has advanced beyond us, and even the best of us […]

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Hello and Good-Bye

I’ve just written birthday cards to friends and relatives and I realized that these may be among the last few score or hundred that I ever write. If you’re not in email contact with my descendants, you’re “out of it,” literally. Postal mail, greeting cards, are going the way of penguins and parrots. It may […]

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Adjustors to Rapid Reality Change?

There isn’t a word yet for people who help people who function in the “old” world but not in the new. What should they be called? “People who are highly function-ing, with areas that need some extra attention!?”  Even highly functioning people need attention, because the world is changing. A century ago the theme was […]

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Amplification in Group Work

People often lower their voice unconsciously in order to disqualify their own statements. It’s an expression of ambivalence: “Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this.” There’s a gradient of disclosure from repression to shouting it from the highest hill:   – I can’t admit it to myself at all. Repression.   – I admit it secretly […]

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Performance Studies

Those who are more skilled at dramatization know this: Adding  a little bit of performance, self-consciousness, exaggeration—just a tiny bit, but enough for you to notice!—enough to be impressive, subtly. This is very influential! People who know this intuitively recognize that a little bit of theatre is effective, But it must me subtle enough to […]

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"Lexophile" is a word used to describe someone with a love for words as words, such as a paranomasiast—a punster. Some puns include:   "You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish."   "To write with a broken pencil is pointless." A competition to see who can come up with the best “lexophillies” […]

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