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Winding Down, Wrapping Up (2)

Here I am, happy, as usual, finally, loved by my wifey-p0oh, quite content, realiz-ing that if I were the emperor of all I survey—a childish dream residue— it would be comparatively worrisome! This simple un-worried life is as good as it gets, and it’s quite fine indeed. Having more means worrying more, because there are […]

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What Gives?

Can I use this? “They” (?) >:< have changed my computer! For example > makes an emoticon! What else? Let’s see if this will go on.

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Amplify Your Life

You need not do something record-breaking! It’s find if one just makes a personal statement of one sort or another. Nor must it be on the world-wide web! Playing with alternative versions of reality is an amplification of the principle of creativity. The goal is to live more deeply, and one way of doing this […]

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Dream Dynamics

For a few minutes between deep and eventful dreaming and full awaken-ness, I discovered myriads of fragments of old dreams, vivid but partial scenes! They were  extracts from dreams over scores of years! Reflecting on these, I had several insights: (1) Mind permeates multiple realities, and ordinary consciousness just skims the surface; (2) we live […]

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If Not Psychodrama, What?

A student of psychodrama in Europe asked me about international qualitative and quantitative standards in psychodrama psychotherapy as he is writing a thesis about  training between different training organizations and the prospects of some unification of minimal standards. I appreciate his offering me an opportunity to comment as a private citizen, by no means a […]

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A Sad But Amusing Situation

Fields of Specialization in psychology or medicine or anything need to struggle to gain recognition and status, but what happens when some of the more active aspirants are “upstarts” who challenge the “establishment”? I was one who, because of my persistence, obtained status from some people—but not in the eyes of everyone! I see this […]

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Change “Psychodrama” to “Action Explorations”

Now that I thought about it for a long time, I suggest that we change the name of what we do from psychodrama to action explorations. The reasons are these:   1. The word “psychodrama”—or, indeed, any word with “psycho” in it, brings up associations to psychotic, psychoneurotic, psychopathic, psychological, “psycho,” psychoanalytic, intrusive, and redolent […]

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"Other than That, He’s Perfectly Normal”

This line from a skit in the mid-1970s done by the British comedy troupe, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which was on public television at the time. The line would address the fallacy of normality —there are so many variables that no one could ever be “normal” —but rather everyone copes with the institutional requirements, and […]

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This is a category I just realized describes me. There was a funny skit on the old (mid-1970s) television show, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” with the punch line for an actor who freaked out if one said “mattress” in his presence. His supervisor explained:  "Other than that, he’s perfectly normal." I have adopted this sentence […]

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Sociometry—What to Teach

Sociometry is the measurement of degrees of attraction or its opposite—un-attraction?—among people. It is part of the complex of creations of Jacob L. Moreno, a born-Viennese physician who immigrated to the United States and developed psychodrama. (This is one of my interests!) Sociometry was one of this genius’ major creations, but it has been largely […]

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