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Gary Larson, Cartoonist

This is the non-anniversary of Gary Larson’s retirement, which was around December 1994. Gee, it occurs to me that many people have grown quite up without knowing about this wonderful cartoonist. He introduced a madcap style of  cartooning that has been followed by others. When he left I felt bereft, but I just found two […]

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Working on My Magnum Opus

Working on My Magnum Opus: my great work, which may be titled “Dimension-ality.” It’s a summation of my several studies in psychiatry, process theology, new-age philosophy, transpersonal psychology, comparative religions, and bunches of other readings. It’s all coming out in a cartoon-doodle-illustrated book that’s mainly mandalas, but also an illustrated commentary as to how these […]

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Postmodernism Skewered

Bill Watterson, who wrote and illustrated the cartoon strip Calvin & Hobbs, noted that language itself can be obscure, and those who write about postmodernism are really good at being bad in this way. For example: Actually, I rather welcome many of the principles of postmodernism, but those who write in this genre often appeal […]

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There are realms beyond our own. This truth has been almost hammered into human minds over the last five hundred years: Micro-realms with the invention of the microscope, and macro-realms with the telescope. Current developments have extended these view many-fold. We have further learned that we perceive and can perceive only a limited range of […]

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I am rather sure that there are dimensions beyond what most folks can perceive, contemplate, travel in or beyond. My “magnum opus” is an illustrated philosophical contemplation of the many facets of existence, most of which few people imagine much less contemplate. There’s one dimension, which means more or less of anything. More brightness or […]

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Philosophy (Linus-Style)

I played Linus in a community theatre production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and so I find his character appealing. Here he philosophizes. Parts of me are childlike and other parts grown-up and other parts….well, I don’t know.

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As we enter the election cycle, I call upon an old cartoon by Gary Trudeau, regard-ing the old British Petroleum oil spill. He notes snappy words and dismisses dull words or those with negative connotations. Spin doctoring. Manipulating. As we hear rhetoric about making America great (without any specific plans), we are asked to suspend […]

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Other Dimensions

I sorta-kinda believe in other dimensions, and the famous cartoonist who draws “Dilbert” (i.e., Scott Adams) apparently had the same idea. “Great minds run in the same gutter,” I’ve heard it said. I dare to play with this literary trope of other dimensions, and so does he. Yes! There are portals all around. Dreams do […]

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This involves the mind’s propensity to just make things up. It’s an unconscious “mechanism” that is also called “confabulation.” We should not underestimate this dynamic. It makes dreams seem so real while you’re dreaming; it accounts for people swearing that they saw someone or experienced something that in fact they didn’t (i.e., “false memory syndrome”), […]

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Silly or Profound

I wobble between silly and serious, crazy in a nice way and profound. For example, I am attuned to other dimensions where I open my mind and “channel” writing that I am intuitively somewhat able to translate. Or perhaps I’m just making it up unconsciously—confabulating it. (Look up my comments on confabulation in an associated […]

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