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Last Day of Life

I’ll go with dignity, I expect. But I giggle when I think of my Shadow complex, as illustrated by the Charles Schutz’ character of Lucy in the 1973 Peanuts cartoon: Another variation of Dylan Thomas:  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night ?

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Changing Eras

Allee & I read in bed: One flosses, the other reads. Right now it’s Bobos in Paradise, Bobos being Bohemian Bourgeosie. It speaks to the sociological shifts of the late 1950s through the early 1970s. We only vaguely knew this was going on. The American culture was shifting from subtle aristocracy to meritocracy. More Jews […]

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Folk Songs

I was lucky enough to live through the era of folk songs and learned thousands of songs, folk songs, kids’ songs, ballads, funny songs, rounds, Broadway tunes, etc. Although the cartoon strip portrays an old geezer in a nursing home, most of the old geezers I know are independent! They live on farms, are still […]

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Recently I’ve been contemplating the internally-reinforcing logic of a strict materialist, a modern thinker, and how, from another perspective, how shallow it is. The Aristotelian may note in full the details that lead to details, how seemingly un-ending is the extrapolation of the sources of bacon, toast, or coffee, of its own birth in butter […]

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Lapsing into Poetry

I’ve encountered several newspaper comic strips that illustrate various points. For example, here’s a Doonsbury strip from back in the later 70s ? that has old folks in love.  I liked it because I too lapse into semi-poetry. Having a spouse that appreciates these lapses is a great gift that I attribute to the supervisors […]

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A Poetic Heart

Sometimes cartoonists say it well. This old Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury cartoon features an old lady and her love—and he’s a bit of a poet—and illustrates how it’s so great that my darling Allee enjoys my occasional turn of phrase. It’s also an expression of our life in that the details of what’s achieved make less […]

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The Origin of Seasons

For thousands of years the Earth slept, hardly being aware that it spun about its axis every about 24 hours. But about 88, 301 years ago, a primitive lady said, about the sun, “Hey, that there evening was there yesterday, too.” Not that anyone believed her. But later that year, they conceded that she was […]

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Hey, I Got My Blog Back!

Somena Gun! I wrote a blog on my blog-writer technology and it worked! Now I’m publishing this under current events and let’s see if it works. If it does, I’ll start uploading some other blogs. I’ll try back-dating some blogs, too. My son fixed it! It turned out that it was sort of blocked but […]

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Contemplating Folly

One of the problems with consciousness in our own era is that knowledge is expanding much faster than any even small collective can keep up with. Curiosity, the awareness that there is so much more to know, is not keeping up with our rapidly expanding horizons. There is a natural inclination towards inertia, which means […]

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Learning at Warp Speed

I was reminded of the theme of “big history” recently. Collective leaning is a powerful force, and it’s not clear we’re learning. Big history shows us the broad sweep of evolution, physical, chemical, biological. We haven’t had the knowledge to tie all these together before the mid-late 20th century. We are the living residue of […]

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