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Contemplating Folly

One of the problems with consciousness in our own era is that knowledge is expanding much faster than any even small collective can keep up with. Curiosity, the awareness that there is so much more to know, is not keeping up with our rapidly expanding horizons. There is a natural inclination towards inertia, which means […]

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Learning at Warp Speed

I was reminded of the theme of “big history” recently. Collective leaning is a powerful force, and it’s not clear we’re learning. Big history shows us the broad sweep of evolution, physical, chemical, biological. We haven’t had the knowledge to tie all these together before the mid-late 20th century. We are the living residue of […]

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The Bright Elusive Butterfly of Love

In 1965 Bob Lind wrote a song of this title. I always thought of this as a kind of poetic romance song, and it might be interpreted that way, but I heard it on my walk today as a hymn of Spirit to our mundane being: You might wake up some mornin’ To the sound […]

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I Get to Help

I am blessed because I have some sense of what I can do to help, what might be my own contribution: I have discovered ways to amplify our creative potential. Others have preceded me, it must be acknowledged (such as J. L. Moreno), and others as saying something like this, but no others that I […]

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My Spiritual Myth

Here’s my statement of faith. First a qualifier: I believe that I don’t know and in my best guess, will never know, nor—to take it a step further—can any human mind really grasp what it’s all about. The hi-falutin’ word for that position is “apophatic.” Another way to say this is that the highest mystics […]

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The Spectrum of Imaginative-ness

Imagination is a basic function of human mind, a definite human potentiality. Most folks hardly exercise it, because we’re taught to get real as we head off to school. Of late, we’ve come to value creativity, and imaginative-ness is a component. Imaginativeness operates in many dimensions, as does mind: Spirituality, dreams, the arts, every day […]

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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Lewis Carroll wrote two books in the mid-late 19th century, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice’s Adventures Through the Looking Glass. (Lewis Carroll was his pen name; his real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Interestingly, a number of authors have had what’s called a nom de plume, a pen name.) Disney conflated those tw0 “Alice” […]

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My Spiritual Myth

The first statement is that I don’t know; and my best guess is that I will never know. Nore, to take it a step further, do I think that any human mind can really grasp what it’s all about. This active abdication from the arrogance of trying to name or know “the Everything” goes by […]

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A Jewish New Year Contemplation

It’s Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, one of the highest holy days, a time to contemplate the year past and the year forward. My wife went to the services, and I stayed home and contemplated events. I cultivate a deep spirituality of creativity, one that even as I settle into certain mythic theme keeps […]

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A friend asked, “ Won’t “they” be mad?” I replied: Great question. Actually, “they” hardly know I exist any more. Alas, “they” haven’t been persecuting me at all since the FBI-CIA have looked at their budget and reassigned priorities. (Just kidding! Not really paranoid!) My contact—you know? The one who used to beam threatening messages […]

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