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Shree Yantra (plus commentary)

Originally posted on April 9, 2013

A common theme that I play with is the Sri (pronounced Shree, for “holy”) Yantra (or special meditative design) that I draw to center and relax, thereby opening whatever channel then allows me to become more spontaneous, to be inspired. It’s a fine symbol of whatever there is in the Beyond for me to open to, a worthy source that says, in effect, “Start with me and see what comes.” After drawing this, I am inclined to then draw more freely, and then interpret or assign meaning. Only rarely do the meanings occur near the occasion of the drawing. It’s as if these act like eggs, maturing, just suggesting themselves. Then new stuff begins to crop up around or through these figures. In addition to it stimulating my art, it stimulates the intuition as to what it all symbolizes, what it’s pointing to. As I grow older, these interpretations make more sense.


Hint: The continuing emergence among reputable physicists that the cosmos involves more than the 3 know spatial dimensions—height, breadth, and depth—and maybe time—opens up not a single 5th dimension, but a host of other aspects that aren’t strictly dimensional in terms of our familiar mathematics. They can overlap and interpenetrate, and in short, they act as frames of mind, frames of reference, viewpoints. Humor and play is there as well as music or mathematics.

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