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Broad “Roots” in the Present

Originally posted on December 28, 2012

One type of root system for people feeling that they really belong in the world is through genetics—who your biological ancestors and relatives are. Genealogy is a “thing” in my community and age group, assisted by computer technology, more people are probing their family roots many generations back. Alas for me, I don’t have much access as most of my family’s family 2 – 3 generations back were in Eastern Europe and killed by the Nazis. I have a cousin who’s doing a good job of reconstructing the clan but know few in my side of the family (from parents to grandkids) who have much interest. A bit from my son and a few others, perhaps. But it’s gotten me thinking:

I do acknowledge that people seek meaning in many directions, genetic heritage being only one type. Some friends are fairly obsessed with digging up old distant cousins. I find my home (as I reflect on this topic) with the “cultural creatives,” the people who have some sense of where we need to go and how to get there. This is an enormously broad category, yet it represents less than 4% of the population. (I’m not counting those who are enthusiastic if not fanatic about either a religion or political party as they are followers. I’m more interested in folks who are proposing ways to advance.)

My own avenues have a number of components—mix and match as they appeal to you:
– proponents of interesting ways to advance critical thinking or any kind of reflection, or to reduce the barriers to clear thinking
– proponents of spontaneity development, improvisation, creativity, and interesting ways to liberate the spirit this way
– supporters of imaginativeness, with some who tell stories, some who teach or support people in telling stories, writing poetry, etc.
– some who explore philosophy, history, other subjects
– those developing the general realm of inter-spirituality, focusing more on how to discover what lifts you and works for you and less on pushing you about what specifically you should and should not believe (i.e., process over content)
– those developing skills in communication, collaboration, role playing, action, helping to use all approaches (arts, drama, etc.) to help the less articulate
– those using drama and role playing to advance consciousness individually and collectively
– those who want to revitalize education, therapy, peace-making, etc.
– a little in the continuing advance of my root field of medicine, the innovation of other physicians and related scientists—that excites me too—
… and so forth.

I share a bit in my various other roots, in Western culture, in America, in ethnic backgrounds and regional backgrounds. I share more in the act of enjoying sharing with neighbors and friends and community, a bit of solidarity. I share more deeply that we share nicely, we sing songs, etc. I’m grateful for this present civilized culture—at least the parts I hang out with.

But my heart feels more aligned with the aforementioned cultural creatives. I have a vision that there are millions of such people around the world who are leading us towards an advance in communication and creativity, towards the next step in consciousness evolution. These are my true “family.” I feel some loyalty and support to my closer biological family—and especially those with whom I feel I share some of these values…

Are these roots? In a sense—they are broad roots that feel the springtime coming, roots that support the becomingness of the now. “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” singers. It’s not my past but my future where I draw my inspiration and root identity.

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