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Goals for Now (and 2013)

Originally posted on December 26, 2012

I just asked a friend, “what are you trying to achieve at this point in your life?” Then realized: What a question! Ask it of yourself! So here I offer some provisional answers:
1. Love my beloved wife, Allee, and give her a wonderful life; and enjoy being with her as she becomes ever happier. Wow!
2. Being part of a community and extended family, several clubs, enjoying and validating others, helping move the furniture in preparation for or putting away after events, etc. (Really, that’s a huge sector with many facets, but I’m trying to be succinct.)
3. Writing, ah, yes, but only after 1 & 2. Still, I do like writing here on my blog, spouting off about my reflections about this ‘n that.
4. Finish several books, and maybe a few more—maybe. Balance critical thinking with imaginative excess: Note how they can indeed be balanced!
5. I can’t begin to advocate enough for a bit more rigor in thought, a bit of thinking about thinking and about life. I used to think everyone was reflective—how would I know differently? Nobody admits to being non-reflective. But gradually—and only in the last ten years, really—has it grown on me that lots of people, most people, are far less reflective; and of those who are reflective, far less critical of their own thinking. But it’s not only that I’m encouraging thinking; I’m also pointing to tools that can help the relatively non-reflective to access this rich dimension a bit more easily and in a less-threatening fashion. But discussing that is a whole ‘nother paper.
  6. Not inconsistently—because each mode has its place!—I also argue for pretending, and doing so consciously—i.e., knowing and admitting that you’re pretending. The more you pretend on purpose, they more you’ll become aware of how much other stuff that you “believed” was in reality a sub-set of pretending, but one that fit your map of reality.
  7. Writing books about pretending, playing, role playing, integrating drama and imagination with action, group dynamics, inter-action, all as a way to achieve all the aforementioned.

Well, that’s enough for now. There’s more—lots more—singing, cartooning, reaching out and making contacts, etc.—a well diversified life. Bottom line: Serving the Everything Becoming, the Awakening Mystery, the focus of mystical aspiration.

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