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The Art of Blogging

Originally posted on December 12, 2012

So perhaps we consider blogging as an art form, as valid as sculpture or dance. How much attention should I put into it? Should every piece be rehearsed, re-worked, evaluated in terms of a variety of criteria? Is it elegant, well-written, understandable, persuasive, innovative? It is the extension of easy self-publishing, that’s all. Open to a wider range of viewers than any book or magazine, yet it is likely that it may well be read by fewer. One can never know one’s fate. Perhaps it will be a posthumous classic; or (more likely) it may lapse into obscurity.

Part of me is excessively humble—oh, no, don’t even try: It is presum-ptuous to even put it out there. Part of me is a bit grandiose: No, this is good stuff. Someone will recognize and enjoy it—and more, they may even use it or link to it. Then there’s the fact that for me it’s fun and what the hey, why not.

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