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Shadows on the Cave Wall

Originally posted on September 9, 2012

In a previous blog-post, I was reflecting on the acceleration of the appearance of mysteries. Now there are others that have come to my attention: changes in the speed of light?? What’s with “branes” (i.e., the concept of other-dimensional “membranes")? Static in the gravity field has been attributed to a magnification of the planck-sized (i.e. inconceivably small) froth? Entanglement of particles? Too many of these mysteries piling up! The “cave wall” refers to Plato’s parable of the cave, and what we’re talking about is how this all works, and is it connected with the many mysteries? Is this God’s physiology in this corner or surface of the cosmos?

What kind of paradigm shift will be needed? My hunch is that it will include also the mysteries of consciousness and the way we collectively and individually unconsciously co-create the cosmos, and that if we can surrender in the right way—doing 1/3 of the stepping up to the plate, taking responsibility, but then surrendering, it will optimally unfold. Can I explain what I’m talking about? Yes, at length (see my other weblogs on “Confabulations” under the category called “Foolin’ Around.) Do I have any belief that what I explain is literally true? Nope. How much do I mean all this, in a general sense? It used to be 80%, then 90% a decade ago, and now it’s 100%. But I can’t explain what I mean cleanly because it isn’t something that human minds can convert into language.

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