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Let Flow

Originally posted on August 20, 2012

Instead of Let Go, this inner rule is still not absolute. Let flow 89% plus or minus. There’s still a need to exercise discrimination, judgment, responsibility. Maybe that rises from 11% to 32.5%, because becoming to slack, secretly or unconsciously hoping God or the Angels or Providence will do it for you is folly. They can’t reach you to help you unless you step up to the plate taking full responsibility at least 29.2%. On the other hand, if you take too much control, fuss too much that it has to be exactly this or that way or you won’t play—say, more than 36.3%—and you unconscious throw up so much flak that they cannot reach you. They’re powerful in some ways—if you work within their tolerances and take optimal levels of responsibility, they’ll open doors and carry you along in wonderful, grace-filled cascades of miracles. But if you’re slacking or over-controlling, the “magic” doesn’t work. And pleading doesn’t help. They really are not able to overcome your slackness or over-controlling-ness. They’re surprisingly “powerful” but only within certain “wave-lengths.”
    (Digression: Oddly enough, sunlight works this way. Life co-evolved to thrive with light at a certain wavelength, and this co-evolved with the kind of life that gets through our atmosphere. Wow! But too high wavelengths, ultra-violet—kills life; and too low wavelengths is too cool, or if stronger, too hot—we’re talking infra-red here—so there are these optimal balances on many levels.)

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