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Lox & Eggs: A Recipe

Originally posted on July 21, 2008

Here’s a special breakfast my dear departed mother taught me:  ( Per serving, enlarge proportionally for more:)
2 eggs, ½ onion, about 1½ oz of smoked salmon (“lox”), a little salt
Dice and sautee onions until just beginning to brown (use just a little bit but not too much oil)
Dice and add lox and mix in with onions.
Whip up eggs with a little milk (1 tsp) and salt (1/8 tsp?) And add to sauteeing mixture.
Make like scrambled eggs.
Great with toasted bagels, any other toast, coffee.

Eat leisurely while looking out the breakfast room window over the meadow in back of the house, watching the occasional squirrel, blue jay, butterfly, or zephyr blowing the tall grasses, listening to something like Strauss’ Blue Danube waltz. Savor the food and the moment.

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  • Anne-Marie says:

    Mmmmm I make that all the time! I first had it at a restaurant here in Chicago called the West Egg Cafe … a workaday diner in the Loop. They have a dish called “Myron and Phil’s Egg Scramble” (Myron and Phil were the original owners) which is eggs scrambled with onions and lox, served with a toasted bagel and cream cheese. I like to pile the eggs etc. on top of the bagel and eat it open faced … I’m always so sad when the last bite is gone. 😉


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