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Why History is Interesting

Originally posted on June 4, 2012

…and fun! Two reasons: First, it is an aesthetic and meaning-making function. We are a part of this stream of events and feel “rooted” in being for this and against that, and there are many roots, some thick and strong, others thin, wispy.

Second, there is an accelerating process off communication and innovation, each building on the other. There’s this, and then there’s that, and—wait, I hadn’t thought of that! Wow! Can you do that?—Okay, let’s add that to the mix! And our scope and sense of who we are and what we might accomplish grows in proportion to this inflow.

This is why progress is an accelerating process, not just a linear process. Millions of innovators are building on the innovations of the others, the more they hear of them (media development), the more they find out, have a chance to experiment, work in teams, cross fertilize. More centers for research and development, more brain trusts and think tanks. All this intensifies the process.

Note also in this that there’s plenty of room for making mistakes. Even if 89.3% of the experiments don’t work out, with an opportunity to think about why they didn’t work out, there’s also a better chance that the next batch will work out.

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