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Originally posted on June 22, 2008

Sometimes my percolating brain generates more extensive essays, which I post on my website. The following posted today are worth checking out:
1. Belonging-ness: Posted on webpage:

2. Paradigm Shift: My intuition is that we are in the midst of several fundamental shifts of world-view. One is the developing of more complex forms of self-reflective thinking: Written about on
I’m working on essays on two other paradigm shifts—maybe three or four. What do you think are the major shifts in world-view in the last few decades? The question is not just what new ideas are becoming more influential, but whole complexes of ideas involving many cultural institutions. What represents a way of thinking that was almost unheard of fifty years ago, and/or was vaguely disreputable. (A friend noted that a new idea begins as heresy and a century or three later ends being thought of as a superstition! 😉

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