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Insti-toot 4 Certificate-ology

Originally posted on April 24, 2012

International Institute of Certificatology is announcing its grand opening! You can create, grant, authorize, bestow, honor, recognize, authenticate, issue diplomas and (of course) certify as well as the best of ‘em!

Deans, Boards of Examiners, Dipploma Mills, so-called “recognized” universities, and other establishment types and their pseudo-minions have no authority , other than what the imaginatively oppressed have been cowed into accepting.

Under-certified of the world, Arise!  Cast off the mental chains of a sheep-like submission to mere status-filled symbol-carriers. Remember what the Wizard of Oz said to the Scarecrow: “What do those professors have that you don’t?  A diploma!  So, by the power vested in me, I grant you this diploma!” 
       Well, how would you like some of that there power to be vested in you?

Become a vested Certificatologist. Vest others, pass it on!
          Do you get enough recognition, appreciation, or respect?
Maybe what you need is an official certificate, diploma, award, etc.   Get One!!  Designed personally for your individual needs. Example below:fewscrewsloose2

Oh, yeah, to explain “A Few Screws Loose,” see the previous blog.

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