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Zordak’s Easter

Originally posted on April 7, 2012

My little flying saucer little green man friend Zordak was explaining: bunnyeaster The Easter Bunny is an example of neoteny—the tendency of species to take on the qualities of the young child—which evokes instinctual responses of “cute” and the desire to nurture, to have around as pets, or stuffed toys.  It speaks to the archetypes of new beginnings, as does the symbol of the eggs. Baby chicks and baby ducks add to this impression, this evoking of feelings of sweetness in our nature. We in turn feel that we’re good, we’re doing something, being something nice. So the whole complex is feel-good. Pair that with springtime, coloring eggs, and then pair that up with some major religious celebration—Passover or Easter, for example—well, you have a celebration.

In my transdimensional travels I have noticed  (Zordak said) that various analogies to Easter operate in most worlds. The cycles of life seem to involve a relieved and joyous marveling at new beginnings. Depending on the geography and nature of the life-form—some don’t have “seasons” as we know them, for example—these images can take startlingly different formats. Among the butterfly-people of Bazoozy—these are rough translations—the time of emergence from cocoon is a time for nectar-sipping, and the nectar has had a chance to ferment in the interim, so there are mind-altering expansion-istic processes that lubricate the celebration. Translation: Chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies. So we thought you’d like to know what’s up elsewhere and that your enjoyment of Easter is perfectly normal.

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  • Ann Kriss says:

    Dearest Adam, This is rude, but I usually don’t read “amusing pieces” on the computer; I wish to get on and off; besides, I’ve 113 emails to go! Affectionately, Ann

    Adam, to compound my rudeness, I don’t especially relate to Easter bunnies. The Cudmudgeon (I don’t spell, either. Can you help?))

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