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Originally posted on March 4, 2012

It’s amusing and annoying to realize that multi-tasking is what so many of us do—not with minor things like talking on the cell-phone when driving, but as part of our life-script. I’m thinking of someone who writes and also is a wife and mother. She wants to do all three, and sometimes one role drains energy from another. Also, sometimes the dissatisfactions in one role bleeds off into other realms. I realized that many of us are similarly balancing many different roles we’re playing out as plots and sub-plots in our lives.

For me, in some ways I want to be lazy; and I also get distracted and caught up in contemplating this or that seemingly interesting diversion; and I get frustrated at my major commitment, which is to get on with some writing projects—aggravated at not disciplining myself enough, or getting too frustrated with this or that chapter or problem in writing—and unsure, am I giving myself a break and doing something else—like go in the kitchen and clean up the dishes—or am I escaping: Get back to work!

And in a larger sense, appreciating the game of having a person—a little piece of God—dance all these often inconsistent dances, trying to coordinate somewhat. Sometimes this involves integrating line A and line B; sometimes it involves compartmentalizing the two streams more neatly.

Anyway, this blog is also a nice sublimation of my writing and my sense that I should do something a bit constructive even when I’m distracted. Not that I’m all that pure and devoted. I have been known to take extra time to contemplate and savor the delicious-ness of a nap, or giving myself a few extra minutes in bed, enjoying the sensuality of nothing except relaxation and coziness—or even (gulp) (dare I say it?) drifting back into the increasingly intriguing world of dreams.

Ah, well, back to my challenges. These blogs have accumulated over the last week and I’m just posting them today.

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