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New Website Papers

Originally posted on October 25, 2011

You might also go to my website papers and browse to see what is new. Longer papers have been written. More recently, I’ve prepared (and posted) papers on the following topics:
   1. De-Mystifying Mysticism, a talk I give on October 27 at a conference on Pediatrics and Spirituality in Houston, Texas.
   2. Visionaries: What We May Yet Become, a six lecture series being given at the Fall 2011 session of the Senior University Georgetown. (Posting some of these lectures takes time and the process is not always complete early on.)
    3. Just browsing among many categories can be fun. There are papers on philosophy and spirituality; psychology, psychotherapy, and action approaches such as sociometry and psychodrama; foolin’ around through cartoons and the like; general references I’ve found in some fields and my own professional background; and various miscellaneous topics.  Enjoy!

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