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Rain! Ahhhh!

Originally posted on July 19, 2011

Being in a time of drought is intriguing. Today it is raining. Don’t know how long it will go, but Allee and I are savoring looking at it. There’s a singing group named “Ladysmith Black Mombaso” who in the 1970s (?) had a record (back in the olden days when there were vinyl 33.33 rotations/per/minute  long playing records) with a song that goes, “Rain, rain, beautiful rain!”

Guy goes into a bar in West Texas: “Boy, it sure gets dry around here.” “Yeah, says the bartender. You ever heard of Noah’s flood?” “Yeah.” “Well, we got an inch!”

Hot and dry jokes are circulating. It’s sooo hot that I saw a dog chasin’ a rabbit—and they wuz both walkin’!

Thank God for air conditioning.

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