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Pre-Summer Solstice ‘18

Originally posted on July 9, 2018

We are approaching the summer solstice in a couple of weeks. It’s 8:30 PM and there is still a pick cloud in the evening sky, while it’s darkening—but not yet dark. I’m very happy because (chiefly) I have a wonderful and beloved wifey who attends to my needs while also attending to many other things. She’s wrinkly if you look carefully, but I really don’t see it unless it’s pointed out. My life is very satisfactory. When I greedily reach for more I realize that more equals more trouble. World domination? Too much responsibility. Untold wealth? What would I spend it on? Decisions, decisions. Truth is I am satisfied and I don’t even want youth. I’m growing older and quite happy in spite of some aches and pains.

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