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Exploratory Drama for Life

Originally posted on July 9, 2018

It may be time to confirm some rapprochement among drama therapy (all varieties, and there are several!), psychodrama (several varieties), and other arts “therapies”—and more that their being considered together, and consider now how they do not have to be therapeutic.

In the mid-1950s some people partook of psychoanalysis because it was fashion-able, not because they were seeking relief from symptoms. For them, exploring depth psychology is more of a frontier than a “therapy”! Healthy people might enjoy probing the corners of their minds.

In the late 1960s and ‘70s mind-explorations was done with psychedelics such as lysergic acid diethylamide—widely known as LSD. What indeed is with the mind? It’s multi-dimensional—that’s for sure—and we hardly know what that even means!

Now there are far-out dramas or psychodramas, probing the fantasized past in Bibliodrama, and the fantasized present. Whatever the mind creates, there is meaning to be gained, whether or not it “really” happened (in our three-dimen-sional reality, which is distinctly time-bound and subject to the laws of physics.  It’s also known as the “only” reality—but that may change!). Indeed, whether we “make it all up” or it “really” happens, there are lessons to be learned!

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