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Shakespeare Authorship

Originally posted on June 16, 2018

Who really wr9te the early 17th-Century plays commonly attributed to Will-iam Shakespeare? Sir Henry Neville! I have a friend, Dr. John Casson, living in northern England, who wrote a book about one of my interests, titled Drama, Psychotherapy and Psychosis. It’s about dramatherapy and psychodrama with people who hear voices, a groundbreaking book based on his doctoral research. But he is not only a fellow psychodramatist and drama therapist who invented the “Communicube” (see, but also a scholar and researcher of Shakespeare.

Dr, Casson has proven to my satisfaction, with a mass of evidence, that the real writer of the plays attributed to “The Bard of Avon” was not the man from Stratford but no less than Sir Henry Neville (1562-1615). If you are interested in this please read his book:  Sir Henry Neville was Shakespeare: The Evidence, (co-written with W. D. Rubinstein, 2016, Amberley); or visit his website,  
Another mystery solved!

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  • David Blatner says:

    I also have two friends who have turned Shakespeare-ologist… Steve Roth (who co-founded Thunder Lizard conferences in the 90s) wrote the book Hamlet: The Undiscovered Country, and Robin Williams (who wrote such computer book classics as The Mac is Not a Typewriter, later got a PhD in Shakespeare [?] and wrote a book called Sweet Swan of Avon, in which she argues that the plays were written by Mary Sidney Herbert, the Countess of Pembroke:

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