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Originally posted on April 17, 2018

I just opened to the fact that I’m not just growing older, but I’m getting old. (I’m 80.6 or thereabouts.) What this means to me:
  1. My mind is going a little. I can’t recall facts as well as I used to. I’m still pretty sharp, but not how I used to be. It’s time to get with it.
  2. My focus is shifting to a narrower range: I realize I used to be all over the place doing this and that. Not so much and, indeed, declining. Bodily functions, household tasks have priority, and even then they pile up a little. I hear the words to “This Ol’ House”—sung by Stuart Hamblin in the background of my mind. I’m “winding down and wrapping up.” It may take me a long time to do so, because I was so very active.
  3. I had better prioritize—which is on one hand problematic and on the other hand getting easier. I was so very active in my 70s, although, funny, it didn’t seem to be particularly active… but when I see it listed, indeed, I was active! It’s just that I didn’t do so much that I fantasize other people as doing.
  4. More will occur to me as time goes on.

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