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Action Methods

Originally posted on April 11, 2018

I use the term “action methods” to bridge several fields—or applications within fields—to raise the human potential. Psychodrama, drama therapy, educational drama, applied improvisation, maybe even Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, etc. Action methods includes them all, transcends them!

Perhaps it’s a new class for colleges, for people aiming at not college students but adults return-ing for life-enrichment. It transcends therapy and it might be a vocational path yet. I foresee a role beyond therapy for people who want to expand their horizons.(Adult education is one way, but way too passive. It’s time for some forward-looking vision!

There is a role for a pioneer!  I noticed that the differences among certain modifications of psychodrama, drama therapy, educational drama and applied improv disappear, and I won’t bother trying to re-classify them the old way. It’s enough that they comprise a technology of experiential training or learning-by-doing! I want to make a boundary with anything either having to be “therapeutic” or for “entertainment.”

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