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Originally posted on February 7, 2018

I was just reminded of the movement towards “inter-spirituality.” The late Brother Wayne Teasdale was a pioneer, among many others. Kurt Johnson, and others lead a trend—or at least a part of a trend towards this on this website: which is a workshop that weaves together a number of related endeavors!

Other new endeavors also occur to me:
  (1) The Great Story is another trend, the history of evolution not only of humans, but of planets, stars, galaxies! Several books have been published.

  (2) Another trend is towards making up words to fit the new trends in cultures. This includes words that I have dared to make up, such as “astonishmentality.” A response to that word, expressing it, is “wowsie-woozy!”

  (3) I have an e-friend. That’s another term. We’ve never met, only corresponded. She (Lynnclaire Dennis) envisions a whole new school system, or educational approach, called BeLonging.

   (4) Another acquaintance, Jeff Hoke, draws and constructs stuff for “The Museum of Lost Wonder.” I like to tell people about this humble man, more obscure than he ought to be.

The point is that we live in another Renaissance, so to speak.There’s a new wave of culture that weaves together the electronic revolution, a spiritual revolution, a cosmogenesis "big history" movement, and no doubt other stuff.  What might you add to this list?

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