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Christmas Contemplation

Originally posted on December 25, 2017

Going along with the cultural thrust, hearing somewhat religious songs at our local Unitarian Church, I enjoy the Holiday Lights. Religion is no big deal for me. While I used to be an atheist in relation to literal beliefs, I am now a true believer in the operation of the cosmos, which is well-beyond the old-time facets of religion. Rather, I’ve changed my opinions about my metaphysical beliefs, using a framework that involves more dimensions than we can know.

We enjoy stories we read or watch on television or in the movies that are more or less “realistic.” That’s two dimension that seems a bit like three dimensions—but their events occur in recognizable time—four dimensions—and to animal mind (five dimensions) and human minds (six dimensions).

We can think about mind, illusion, projection, etc, and it’s seventh dimensional, but there’s a part of us that recognizes that we’re all in a grand play. Or at least I do. At the 8th Dimension we encounter what seem to be the workings of something akin to more sophisticated descriptions of God. It seem obvious. even though I know I’ve confabulated this whole dimensional thing. (Nor do I need for anyone to agree.)

So that’s the state of my faith at present. I am in awe of the way people can immerse themselves in layer upon layer of myth and legend, but I believe they need that as much as I make sense of my brief lifetime my way. I don’t worry about whether it is or even can be objectively true.

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