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My Autobiography

Originally posted on December 21, 2017

It is infinitely expandable—well, not literally “infinite” but a lot—and also capable of being edited down to a few lines for those who are not interested. How much to put into my obituary?  For those who read my obituary, it seems that there could be several lengths: (1) addressing just the high points briefly, for newspapers. (2) A medium level for the funeral service or description. But there could well be a fuller biography, and even that wouldn’t capture the richness of it all.

The point is tht I’ve lived a life that’s full. For me, full enough. I’ve wanted more everything, but realized that that’s another example of (as my mother might say), “his eyes being bigger than his stomach.” I’ve come to realize that what I experiences was pretty much all I could handle. There was a fuzzy area, perhaps, a little more or less, some give. But overall, I’m happy and fulfilled.

I did not conquer the world. I’m 0.25% disappointed, and even then, not really. I only know that I felt picked on by my older brother, though on looking back I was probably a pest and he didn’t do it all that much. But I did want to conquer the world and then the universe in my early adolescence. One’s big brother wouldn’t dare pick on one if one were the emperor of the Universe.

But then I repented, or matured, and I grew to realize that there was the small matter of management, of ruling—and it’s so very detailed. I don’t want it. I love my life now. No harem, just Allee—she’s more than enough. Instead, I have built a myth of a curious God who wants to live through us—all two—no, four—billion of us, or is it six or eight billion, now?  That’s inconceivable, but then again, the Great Spirit is.

I’ve decided to abandon the concept of one “true” religion and make up my own version of God that operates through all dimensions but may be recognized as trans-dimensional. On the 8th level it’s a glow, or perhaps more vivid, but it seems evident, to me. I certainly don’t need anyone else to believe it. This idea just works for me, at least for now.

Much time and thought have gone into the nature of God, from drifting through agnosticism into atheism, and then ever so gradually back to a more sophisticated but at this 8th dimensional level adequate version—really beyond-eighth.

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