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Accelerating Change

Originally posted on October 26, 2017

The spring became a trickle, then a stream, then a rivulet. That then became a creek, then a small non-navigable river; then a big ol’ river (navigable), and a bigger river. Then the water flowed into a delta and from thence to the sea. Then it rolled back to us as a tsunami (tidal wave)! In my lifetime it went from the metaphoric creek onwards. I might indulge myself in feeling grateful that I got off the boat at the delta, which means that I am recoiling and defending myself from information overload!

But this is my life and I’m choosing to unwind, not keep up. I turn off the news and just glance at the news. (It’s hard to turn away, but I try… a little.) I sing verses from “My Get-up-and-go Has Got-up-and-went.” I’m aware I’m trying to tie things up as I unwind. It’s a worthy challenge.

Indeed, I’ve realized that we want to inform people—through an easeful opening of imagination through humor—that events are happening much faster than they seemed to when I was young, and even at that time things were happening much faster than forty years before. There are so many factors supporting this, modernization and global connectedness being only two.

Cosmologically, more people are opening to a creative meta-force, things happening beyond the sum of things speeding up, and experiencing all this as transcendental. This is odd because we’ve had two hundred years of de-mystification, following two hundred years of recognizing that many mysterious forces are impersonal “laws of nature.” But this doesn’t necessarly prove that God isn’t active, but only that he is not active is so clumsy and gross a way.

On my desk is a book by Ilia Delio, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being, speaking of the meaning of the writings of Teilhard de Chardin—an effort to reconcile theology and science. It supports my growing conviction that God is actively evolving, and in turn, that evolution for humans is accelerating geometrically, not arithmetically. This means that it’s very very much speeding up, not just one ‘very’.

It occurred to me that more will be happening in the next decade than happened in the last three or four decades. This is already happening with cellphone technology. What if metaphysically acceleration is also mind-expansion? Just supposing.

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