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Levels of Mind

Originally posted on October 23, 2017

I don’t know how to prove this, but mind that thinks about awareness represents a dimension of mind as different from bare awareness as is the third dimension  different from the second dimension.

Yet there’s a further step in dimensionality: If mind—awareness—is another dimension, then thinking about thinking is what humans do. So if space is three dimensions—space as we know it—and if Einstein is right that time is a fourth dimension—then mind that is aware of all this is a fifth dimension. But that is bare mind—awareness.

The next level up is thinking about thinking—bare metacognition. It manifests as the subjunctive tense. It represents, I submit, a level higher. For example, if I were to go here, I could cut them off. That “if” phrase is human, or at least fully developed in humans.

Grammar, the awareness that language has tenses, linguistics, anthropology, psychology, and similar professions take it a step higher: They think about thinking about thinking! Woo hoo! Try to follow me! It is doubtful that those who do this  realize that they’re entering another dimension.

Mystics go a step further. It’s not always thinking, please note. It’s awareness. Sometimes it’s musical insight, or artistic intuition. It’s sort-of-thinking about thinking about thinking about bare calculation—an 8th dimension!

At this 8th dimensional level it becomes “obvious” that there are higher dimensions, God, organizing forces, whatever you might want to call them. This all adds another spin to epistemology, to be discussed further on this website.

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