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Popular Songs (1940-1980 plus or minus)

Originally posted on September 23, 2017

I realize that I have not kept up with modern music, with a few exceptions. I’ve found the lyrics before that period a bit insipid and after that interval bewildering. That means I’m dated, I fear. I’m reconciled to that, though I am always open to being invited to reconsider a piece.

I was looking over my song sheets, back from when one could not get them from the internet; back from a time when one used song sheets for singalongs. Who does that anymore? The closest I get to that is the Unitarian Church!

I’m proud to have hosted many singalongs in my home, at conferences, or other venues, with song-sheets specially designed for the occasion. I did this for summer camps for kids, too, and have a goodly collection of funny kids’ songs. It’s been like icing on a delicious cake.

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