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Role Reversal? 1962

Originally posted on September 3, 2017

Jules Feiffer was a popular cartoonist in the 1960s, one unafraid of at times commenting on the international situation. In one strip, Feiffer drew two negotiators, one from Russia and one from the United States, It was at the time of the Soviet Missile crisis. At a stalemate, one suggest putting themselves in each other’s place. (Shades of Moreno and role reversal!)

The Russian said, “I argue your position? You argue mine? It is a clever idea. Bourgeois, but clever. You first.”
US: Can it be wrong for the Cuban Government to invite in Soviet technicians, but justifiable for the Viet Nam Government to invite in American technicians?
RU: No nation can permit enemy missile bases ninety miles off its coast!
US: But what of the American missile bases that ring the Soviet Union? Are they no threat to our security?
RU: Our bases are defensive! The Soviet Union is an aggressive power. Look at your record in Eastern Europe!
US: That’s the U,S, word of protection to Greece, in Guatemala!
RU: Yeah, what about Hungary, fella? It’s just such hypocrisy that we Americans must arm our-selves against!
US: Bah! We will never tolerate U.S. aggression against a socialist ally!
RU: Boloney! We will never tolerate Soviet bases in Latin America!
       (They reach a stalemate and look at each other, then get embarrassed, and then retreat to their own nation’s official position.)

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