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Drawing the Best Forward

Originally posted on August 31, 2017

I want to help in integrating the best creative developments of the creative arts therapies. Indeed, it’s not just for therapy. Normal people need encouragement to use the creative arts, to improvise. The conventional school system says in effect, "I don’t care about your creativity. Learn what we know. That ought to be sufficient." But it gives the opposite message: “You should not dare to be creative.” But the opposite is more true: “Dare to be creative!”

My background is more in drama and psychodrama, but people need to be encou-raged to improvise in many channels—art, music, dance, etc. So this makes a natural bridge to the creative arts therapies! Nor should this be just for therapy, but as a mode of life-development! Let’s take the ‘therapy’ out of introducing the arts without emphasis on "doing it right."

Education, by the way, comes from the Latin word root to drawing out, not filling in. People have unformed ideas that might find creative expression. Let’s draw them out!

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